Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Does Certifi have access to my integration (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) password?

Absolutely not (nor do we want it)! Certifi employs Oauth to integrate with dozens of third-party social networks, which means we never get any access to your password.

What information does Certifi have of me?

Whatever you're willing to share! We never have more access to more than you will allow us to have. That said, the more complete your profile is, the better it showcases your trustworthiness :)

Can I control what details I publish on my page?

You have full control of your page's privacy settings. We allow users to display or hide any detail of their life (even their name!). You can control your page privacy settings here

How do you calculate your Certifi Reputation Score?

Your Certifi Reputation Score is gathered and calculated from various sources such as verified accounts, reputations from other sites, trusts network, and testimonials. Each verified network has a different weighting, where more positive feedback from peer to peer transactions (like eBay), are weighted more heavily.

How do I increase my Certifi Reputation Score?

Easiest way to start, is to connect existing websites you use to your Certifi page. Linking your existing profiles allows us to consider all the great feedback you've had in the past, and calculate that into your Certifi Reputation Score. Connect your accounts here

You can also ask your friends or people you trust, to click on your "TRUST" button.

Doing allows you to both increase your Certifi Reputation Score, as well as grow your Trust Network.